Design an insurance policy that suits your needs and pocket.

Car insurance that can save you lots

At Youi, everything is about you.

You get more options on your car insurance so that you can design a package that will fit your insurance needs and your budget perfectly. With a comprehensive car insurance policy at the core, you get to decide on what further benefits and features you’d like to add. You’ll also get first-class service when you deal with us, be it to update your motor insurance cover, or in the event that you need to claim. We’re committed to ensuring your experience with us is as unique as you.

We’ve also made sure that you will never be left stranded at the side of the road; nor will you ever have to change a flat tyre if you are not in the mood. That’s why we give you free roadside assistance in the form of Youi.Assist.

Finally, to thank you for insuring with us, you will receive a Youi.Reward in cash, every three years - even if you claim!

It’s a smarter way of doing insurance that can save you lots.

Home insurance that can save you lots

Your buildings and contents insurance are designed around you.

Whether it’s urban or rural, big or small, a flat or a mansion – you’ll get an insurance package that will be just perfect for your specific needs.

If the time comes to claim, you will thank us for our comprehensive cover. You will appreciate our friendly, efficient claims service and you are sure to be impressed by our willingness to handle your claim as effectively and efficiently as possible.

You may also appreciate the fact that our Youi.Assist service is at your beck and call at times of emergency. The team is ready to send a locksmith, electrician or security guard to you at a moment’s notice, any time of the day or night.

Call us on 086 000 9684 (YOUI) now, we'd love to assist!