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Get R250,000 free accidental death cover for a year
on each comprehensively insured vehicle.
Youi comprehensive car insurance

Youi Car Insurance

Your needs. Your budget. Your cover.

Some people will never work further than 5km from home, whilst others will brave a 40km daily commute without even breaking a sweat. Some will make use of every opportunity to join fellow-bike enthusiasts on an early-morning breakfast run, whilst others will much rather take the family camping, waterskiing, or on an off-road biking expedition.

The fact is, some people might pay too much for insurance that, for the most part, do not even apply to their unique needs. Others will choose to insure with Youi.

It’s a smarter way of doing insurance that can save you lots.

Get the perfect fit

At Youi, you get to pick and choose an insurance package that’s as unique as you are.

We will ask you how far you live from work and if you’re working from home. We’ll also double check whether you want to insure your car at retail or market value and whether you use your car mainly for work or only for private purposes? Do you only need third party cover, or do you also want cover in case of theft and fire? Or, perhaps you want to cover all bases to make sure you’re covered for anything from acts of nature, all the way to theft, hijackings, and accidental damage to your vehicle?

You’ll be saving lots simply because you’ll receive an insurance package that's been tailored to your circumstances. You can also lower your car insurance premiums by choosing a higher excess amount. If you’re a safe, responsible driver, this may just be the perfect option.

Choose your extras

Youi | Insurance designed by youYou can custom make your car insurance package even further by adding optional extras such as car hire, sound equipment cover or by specifying non-standard vehicle accessories.

If you’re the type of person who enjoys travelling to countries such as Angola, Zambia, Tanzania, Kenya and Uganda, you may want to add Youi.Safari cover.

Also read more about our cover options for when you travel on business to other countries. You may also be interested in to Vehicle Credit Shortfall cover and Credit Protection cover. All of the above optional covers are available to you at an additional premium.

Youi - for car insurance that’s as unique as you are.

Enjoy Youi benefits

  • R250,000 Free Accidental Death Cover (with comprehensive cover)
  • Youi.Rewards gets you money back in your pocket, even if you claim.
  • Youi.Assist provides you with emergency assistance, 24/7.
  • Youi service is absolutely first class.
  • You enjoy low, guaranteed premiums and straightforward excesses.